The best 18650 Battery in the World? - Panasonic 18650 3400mAh NCR18650B Li-ion

NCR18650B - Weird combination of letters, and numbers that altogether represent one of the most powerful lithium-ion rechargeable 18650 batteries in this present world.  The unbelievably amazing capacity of 3400mAh ( 3.4Ah ) sounds unreal today, but Panasonic specs datasheet is very real, and serious. Imagine millions of ions, jam-packed in one small 18mm by 65mm tube (approx. 1/2 size of permanent marker). But, if you have available: Li(NiMnCo)O2 - magic chemical formula, and the latest battery manufacturing technology then incredible things actually can happen.

NCR18650B Panasonic 18650 battery approximate weight is only 47 grams and that is roughly 1.66 ounces.


  1. I want buy FACOLO 2500mah batteries, Can you provide me?

  2. Are those 18650 batteries?

  3. ¿Do you know why this model is no longer available in the "Lithium Ion Batteries Cylindrical Series" page of Panasonic?