Which is the best 18650 rechargeable battery for flashlight? Samsung 25R 2500mAh, LG HG2 3000mAh, or Orbtronic ORB3400 (Flashlight use)

How to choose the best 18650 rechargeable battery for flashlight?
Which one last the longest?
It is one great question for outdoor enthusiasts ( AKA flashaholics)

I always find reviews and tests from folks who are new to 18650 batteries genuine, and most entertaining.
Average flashlight user doesn't know battery test tricks, and will usually show us a real life 18650 battery performance. Which is very good to get real review data.
They simply charge those cells fully, run them all in the same flashlight (that is important part of this review)...
Lithium-ion rechargeable battery that provides the longest run time is the winner.
Simple as that.
This video shows which li-ion fully charged battery will run the longest in LED flashlight.

Samsung 25R green (very popular battery in vaping and flashlight community)
LG HG2 (good high drain cell, but not any info on flashlight real life usage)
or Orbtronic ORB3400 (well-known battery made for flashlights only)


  1. Anonymous8:31 PM

    Orbitronics 10 amps? That is roughly 37,000 mah, not even close to a high capacity 3400 mah battery, that would be a really special battery. Ratings battery capacity is not in amps, more like milliamp hours (mah) or amp hours (ah)

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